Multi-Scale FEM Simulation of Selective Laser Melting Process

Simulations using the method of Finite Elements (FEM) allow predictions of residual stresses and distortion. Through high temperature gradients, Selective Laser Melting processes have lots of process-related thermal issues what can be investigated with numerical simulation. To consider various physical effects during selective laser melting several models on different scales, combined in a multi scale approach, have been developed. This approach makes it possible to do thermo-mechanical FEM-simulations of complete components. The small scale simulations determine the input parameters of laser power and other boundary conditions for the macroscopic model. For the topology optimization of parts and manufacturing by ALM, the process-related residual stresses can be considered through the results of process simulation.


The Author

Nils Keller
Group Leader ALMJ
Universit├Ąt Bremen

Prof. Vasily Ploshikhin
Airbus Stiftungsprofessor