Technical Presentations 2008

Finite element analysis of critical components of the 2.6L Gasoline engine

AVTEC Limited.

Simulation of a folding faceplate mechanism

Delphi Automotive Systems

Multistage Draw validation using Altair HyperForm

Associated Manufacturing co

Frontal Crash and Airbag deployment simulation using RADIOSS


Structural Optimization of Typical Light Transport Aircraft Components.


FE-Addons: Gadgets for the FE world


Automated Shell Meshing For Complex Surface Model Using Hypermesh


Multi-Body Simulation Of Earthmoving Equipment Using MotionView/MotionSolve

Larsen & Toubro Limited

Design Optimization & Formability Analysis Using HyperForm Incremental For Multistage Draw

Avibha Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Sequential Loading And Unloading In Lateral And Longitudinal Direction Of Roll Over Protection Structures (Rops) Of Heavy Earthmoving Machineries

Altair Engineering

Robust Design And Realization Of Spacecraft Payload  Elements Using Optistruct As An Optimization Tool


Blade Lifing - A Comprehensive And Process Driven Approach

Altair Engineering India

Static Analysis Of Gearbox Casing

Greaves Cotton Limited.

Energy distribution and Dynamic analysis of circuit breaker

Larsen & Toubro Limited.

Optimization Of An Aerospace Component Die Design Using Metal Forming Simulation Capability Of HyperForm

Larsen & Toubro Limited.

Blade Containment Simulation On Engine Oil Cooling System  Exit Of A Rotorcraft


Metal Replacement And Shape Optimization Of Plastic Condenser Brackets
Using Altair OptiSruct

Delphi Automotive Sys. Pvt. Ltd.

Automated Process Tool For Pre & Post Processing Of Bus Roll-Over Analysis In Compliance With Ais 0311 Ece R66


Tyre Performance Prediction Through FEA


Modelling and Analysis Of Suv Front Suspension For Geometry DOE and Stochastic Study Using Altair MotionView and Altair HyperStudy


Multistage Forming Simulation Of Refrigerator Door Using HyperForm

LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

Drop Simulation Of USB Flash Drive

HCL Technologies

Design And Mass Optimization Of Independent Multi Link Suspension For Ride Performance  
General Motors

High Performance Computing At Low Cost

Infotech Enterprises Limited  Hyderabad

Role Of Pre And Post Processing Tools In Cfd Simulation Of Propulsion And Aerodynamic Systems

IIT Bombay

Virtual Prototyping For Conceptual Design Of A Jointed Arm Robot Using Altair HyperWorks

Malnad College of Engineering

Addendum Development For Manufacturing Head Lamp Cover & Its Validation Using HyperForm

Autoline Design Soft Ltd.

Static And Dynamic Analysis Of Tumour Knee Prosthesis

OrthoCAD Network Research Centre Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Design Optimization Of Cargo Floor And Underbody Long & Cross Members Using OptiStruct

Mahindra & Mahindra

Pre-Processing Time Reduction Using Altair Hyperworks Customization 

Mahindra Engineering

Optimization Of Air-Conditioner Copper Tube Layout For Frequency Response

LG Electronics Pvt India Ltd.

Multibody Dynamics Analysis And Topology Optimization Of Wiper Mechanism


HyperWorks In Action At Tube Investments Engineering Design Centre

Tube Investments

Develop A Process Of Correlating Ece-R29 Using Radioss

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Topology Optimization of Aircraft Wing

Altair Engineering India

CAE Process and Data Management through Altair Data  Manager

Maruti  Suzuki India Limited

Finite Element Analysis Of A Bus Body Structure Using CAE Tools

NIT, Kurukshetra

Simulation of active Steering System Mechanism using Multi Body Dynamics

Robert Bosch

Linear Static And Impact Analysis Of Eh-600 Dumper Body


Optimization Of Bus Chassis Using Hypermorph And Hyperstudy 

Tata Motors

Process Integration And Automation Solutions For Rapid Designing of Automotive Frame Structures Using Altair HyperWorks

Zuti Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Stress Analysis of A Light Commercial Vehicle Chassis By FEM


Multi Body Dynamic Analysis Of A Loader Excavator [Zx650 M\C]


Integration Of Catia Vs And Hypermesh Using Ms - Excel To Accelerate Fe Modelling

Tata Motors

Assessing The Crashworthiness Of A Three-Wheeler Passenger Vehicle

Tvs Motor Company

Design Optimization Of Rib Pattern In Airbag Housing

Delphi Automotive Systems

Elimination of excessive Vibration in Bus

Tata Motors Lucknow

Roof Crush Enhancement Incorporating Structural Body Enhancement Systems (Betafoamtm)

Dow Automotive

NVH Optimization Of Connection Stiffness Using Dynamic Reduction

Mahindra & Mahindra

Use of Morphing Tool To Build Parametric Finite Element Vehicle Model

Tata Technologies

Structural Optimization Of Mono Shox Swingarm For Dynamic Loads

TVS Motors

Auto Air-Conditioning Condenser Assembly


Prediction of Axial crush performance of steel HAT sections with Neural Networks.

IISC Bangalore

Coupling Of Twist With Tensile Force In Laminated Composites Plate


A Numerical Study Of Energy Absorbers For Occupant Head Protection

Mahindra & Mahindra

Development And Validation Of Sled Fe Model For Frontal Crash

Mahindra & Mahindra

Determination of Bearing Fracture Load In Shock Load Conditions And Selection Of Bearing Type

NRB Bearings Limited

CAE Analysis Of A Roller Hemming Operation

Institute of Product Design and Manufacturing University Kuala Lumpur

Determination Of Center Of Resistance Of Maxillary Anterior Teeth Under Retraction Using Finite Element Techniques

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences