Technical Presentations 2009

Optimization Of Hydraulic Cylinder Mounting Brackets By Using Topology Optimization And DOE

Ashok Leyland, CAE-PD

Control Arm Weight Optimization Using Hyperworks

Bharat Forge

Multi-Discipline gauge Optimization of Automobile BIW

General Motors Technical Center

Optimisation of Automobile Seat Component using OptiStruct and HyperForm

Infosys technologies limited

Optimization of the drafting door using FE technique

Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.

A Systematic Approach For Weight Reduction Of Biw Panels Through Optimization

Mahindra & Mahindra

Optimization of Airline Cabinets in Truck Cab

Mahindra Engineering Services

Design optimization of car hood for safety and durability

Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

Bumper System Design for Lower Leg Pedestrian Impact: A Simplified Parametric Spring Model Approach

NetShape International

Application of Plackett-Burman experimental design through Hyperstudy for sensitivity study in Frontal crash performance

Proton, Malaysia

Optimization Study of Stiffness values for Various joints in Finite element Model using Hyper Mesh and Optistruct

Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore

Topography optimization in design of Automotive fuel tanks

Tata Technologies

Optimization of H-Link Using ESLM

Telcon Jamshedpur

Virtual Testing Of Automotive Rear Axle

AAM Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Design Optimization of Combat Aircraft Fuel Transfer System Using HyperMesh

Aeronautical Development Agency

Hybrid FE-Model of 250MW Francis Hydro Runner with Hyper Mesh 9.0


Best Practices in Grid Generation for CFD Applications Using HyperMesh


Parametric Study Of Overhang Cavity Acoustics Using Morphing Technique


3D Mesh Morphing Technique Using 2D Geometry for Quick Design Studies

GE India Technology

Evaluating and replacing the Nastran and patran where ever possible to increase the productivity and to gain the cost effectiveness

Infotech Enterprises Limited.

Design and analysis of a typical manifold using carbon fiber composites

Infotech Enterprises Limited.

Creating and Managing Large FE Assemblies for High Capacity Baler/Logger using HyperWorks

L&T -Chennai

ROPS: FEA-Test correlation for excavator cabin

L&T e- Engineering Solutions.

HyperMesh -Mold Flow

MINDA Industries Ltd.
Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of an Excavator attachments

Nirma University of Science and Technology
Design Validation of Commercial Vehicle Load Body

Tata Motors - Jamshedpur
Structural Analysis of Electric Bike Frames

Tube Investments of India Limited
Multibody Simulation of Plunger assembly

L&T e-Engg Solutions
Analysis of Fifth Wheel Coupling for HCV

Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd.
Multiaxle Trailer Steering System Optimization

TimeTooth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Simulation and analysis of synchronisation and engagement on transmission gearbox

Voltas Limited.
Rollover crash worthiness of Bus model as per ECE R66

Design of High Performance Cricket Bat with HyperWorks

Altair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
Simulation driven integrated approach of safety restraint system optimization

Altair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
Comparative Numerical & Experimental Investigation Of Front Underrun Protective Devices For Crashworthiness

Ashok Leyland, CAE-PD
Bird Impact Analysis of Wind Screen of a Trainer Aircraft using RADIOSS

Paper Flow Simulation

HCL Technologies
Hindalco Models the Hot Rolling Process of Aluminium Alloys Using RADIOSS

Hindalco Industries Ltd.
Finite Element Analysis and Drop Testing of Power Backup System

Validation & design modification of seat structure using RADIOSS

Independent FE Consultant
Hull Slamming Analysis using RADIOSS

Larsen & Toubro Limited.
Design Performance Prediction Through Digital Engineering

LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.
Strength Analysis of Seat Belt Anchorage for FMVSS210

Mahindra Engineering Services
Damage estimation of floating structure in water due to under water explosion

Naval Science and Technology Laboratory
Frontal Impact Analysis of Light Commercial Vehicle as per AIS-029

Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.
Structural analysis of a water purifier tank

Polysmart Technologies
Fuel sloshing simulation for Automotive fuel tanks using RADIOSS

Tata Technologies
Field Failure Simulation Of Cab Structure Assembly - FEA Study

Ashok Leyland, CAE-PD
Finite Element Analysis of Crankcase of 600 cc BS IV Engine

Greaves Cotton
Efficient Conversion of FE Models Between Different Solvers

Infosys Technologies Ltd.
Analysis of sheet metal door by using RADIOSS

Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.
Creation and Analysis of FE Model of Roof Top Bus Unit Using HyperWorks 9

Larsen & Toubro e-Engineering Solutions - EES
A Complete Optimization Of Existing Design For Tube Press Using Radioss, HyperMesh and CAD Tools

Larsen & Tourbo, Delhi
Reduction of Cabin Noise - An Integrated Approach of Physical and CAE Techniques

Maruti Suzuki India Limited.
Validation of Die Face’s to Determine Forming Severity Using HyperForm

AshTech Tooling and Stamping Pvt Ltd.
Multistage forming validation using Altair HyperForm

Asia Motor Works
Laser score 3-D shape projection to 2D shape using HyperForm

GE Global Research, Innovative Plastic Program
Formability, web stretching analysis and feed level finalization in progressive tool for
Filler Body SI Inner Panel using HyperForm

Godrej & Boyce Mfg.Co.Ltd
Determining Forming Severity with Predictive Manufacturing Analysis Tools

HyperForm helps Establish Near-Accurate coorelation of Simulation Results to the Physical tool Tryout at Neel Metals

Neel Metal
Panel Front & Rear Door simulation using HyperForm

Reliable Techno-Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Optimization in Development Cycle of Sheet Metal Components for Prototype Manufacturing

Tata Motors
Manufacturing Simulation of Bending of Car door frames and Spring back prediction

Tube Investments of India Ltd.
Finite element analysis and experimentation of external pin tube drawing operation

Tube Investments of India Ltd.
Process Template For Axle Hub As Per SAE Standard

Ashok Leyland, CAE-PD
The design is done using Altair process Manager for design, and durability analysis
is done using Durability Director

Bajaj Auto
A holistic approach to automate various processes in frontal impact CAE simulations
using HWPM

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Chennai
A process manager based approach to accelerate CAE workflow

Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd.
Users machines Used as Solver utilizing night time and Weekends to Solve the Big
Radioss Jobs with the help of PBS GridWorks

Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd.
Improve Productivity through Process Integration and Automation

Automation of Pre and Post processes in CAE durability using HW Process Manager

Tata Motors