2011 India HyperWorks Technology Conference

HTC2011 Presenters


Autoliv India Optimization for Optimal Design of Steering Wheel
Apollo Tyre Optimization of Tyre Performance By Varying Influencing Parameter
DRDO Topology Optimization of Wing for Minimum Mass
DRDO Optimal Design of Control Surface using OptiStruct
DRDO Design Optimization of Guidance Unit Mounting Structure for a Flight Vehicle
Force Motors Topology Optimization For Engine Mounting Arm With Fatigue
General Motors Mass Optimization of Decklid Subsystem for Passenger Vehicles
infosys Integrated Aircraft Structural Weight Optimization Environment Development Using HyperStudy & Standalone Tools
ISRO Realization of a Optimized Compliant Mechanism for Thermal Compensation of Communication Space PayLoad Subsystem
Infotech Optimization of Can Making Machine
Jyothi CNC Topology Optimization of Structural Slide-CNC Machining Centre
L&T, Vizag Optimization of Structure for Plate Bending Machine Using Optistruct
Maruti Suzuki Design Optimization of Front Door Hinge Pillar for vehicle crashworthiness
Optimization of the front bumper face
Telcon Structural Optimization Of Compactor Side Frame Using Optistruct
Tata Motors NVH Improvement and Cost Reduction by Optimizing Exhaust Hanger Locations and Numbers: A Case Study
VRDE Optimization of Tilt Beam for Reducing Deflection and Material Using HyperMesh/OptiStruct/HyperView FE Package
Whirlpool Topology Optimization of Vertical Washer Tub


Whirlpool Design and Development of Laundry Dryer from Performance, Energy Efficiency & Safety Perspective Using AcuSolve as CFD Solver
Whirlpool Developing a Virtual Model of Oven In Order To Perform Optimization Study Of Oven Performance, Efficiency & Safety, when Subjected to Various Design Modifications




Axiom A Numerical Model to characterize Sprays from Aerosol cans using HyperMath
Hyundai FE Hexa Modeling Of Engine Head Using HyperMesh
Infotech Design of Fuel Metering Unit using HyperMesh

Process Automation

DANA Process Manager: Automotive Differential Case
General Motors Process Automation for Slam Analysis of Closures
General Motors Process Automation: Multi-layered Modular Approach for CAE


BVM Engg. College Optimization of CNC Lathe Saddle
Marathwada Institute Formability Analysis for Trapezoidal Cup Forming Using HyperForm
Nirma University Simulation of Trajectories and Comparison of Joint Variables for Robotic Manipulator Using Multibody Dynamics
NIT Agartala Seismic Analysis of Dam

Multi-Body Dynamics

Daimler India CV Tire handling comparison (Fiala, Pacejka) and correlation to testing results in Heavy duty trucks using MotionSolve
Infotech Kinematics of Can Making Machine

Manufacturing Simulation

AMW Validation of Innovative Notion on Tooling for Enriched Product Thru User Process of Altair HyperForm RADIOSS
Autoline Forming Analysis using HyperForm/RADIOSS
DRDO Spring Back Analysis Of Wire Tunnel
NRB Bearings Formability and Tonnage Calculation Using HyperForm
Tata Technologies Forming Automation Using HyperStudy & RADIOSS To Extract Prestress For Crash Analysis
Warade Simulation of Process Stage & Process Cost in Support Cantrail inner through Altair HyperForm RADIOSS

Radioss Non-Linear

APM Seat Back Frame Performance with Single and Dual Recliner
APM Axle Wrap in Sports Utility Vehicle
Axiom Device Drop Simulation Quest Towards Better Correlation
Axiom Shock Response Spectrum Analysis Approach for Optimal Design of Electronic Equipments
Axiom A Way of Reducing the Accelerations on the PCB During Drop Test
Godrej Finite Element Analysis of Crash Rated Gates
Infotech Impact of Projectile on Front End Structure of Locomotive
LG Design Performance Prediction Through Digital Engineering
L&T, Chennai Seismic Analysis of a Wind Turbine Steel Tower
NAL-ACD Prediction of Bird Impact behavior through Different bird models using Altair RADIOSS
Redinvent Non-Linear Transient Dynamic Analysis Of Insulated Rail Joint
Tata Technologies Importance of Representing Impactor Articulation in AIS069 (Front Underrun Protective Device) Using RADIOSS Solver
Tata Technologies Effective Snap-Fit Design Using RADIOSS Solver
Valeo Charpy Impact Test Simulation of Pressure Plate Ear Using Altair RADIOSS
VRDE Numerical Simulation of an Armoured Vehicle to Anti –Vehicle Mine Blast to Optimize the Structural Rigidity



Radioss Linear

Hyundai Comparision Study of Two Engine Block and Bearing cap assemblies using their FRF Characteristics
IAC Static Stiffness Scale Methodology Development For IP Head Impact Simulation In Early Design Phase
Mahindra Engineering Analysis of Stabilizer Bar Using Simplified Approach
Mahindra Engineering CAE-Durability Analysis of HCV Chassis using FPM Approach
Piaggio Engine Mount Analysis Methodology
RDSO Finite Element Analysis Of Underframe For 5500 Hp WDGS Locomotive
Sharada Motors Systematic FEA Study of Passenger Car Exhaust System Using RADIOSS
Telcon Design Validation of Backhoe Front End Attachment by Physical Testing & Simulation Approach Using RADIOSS Solver


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