2012 India HyperWorks Technology Conference

HTC2012 Technical Papers


Optimization of the One-piece Injection Molded Lower Bunk and Bulk Head

Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd.

Topology Optimization Of Rear Axle Hub

Ashok Leyland

Stress Optimization of Rear Axle Control Arm

Benteler Engineering Chennai Pvt Ltd

Optimization of tire design and construction parameters for handling


Modal based Frequency and Stress Optimization using OptiStruct


Topology Optimization of Missile Fin for Desired Stability


Topology Optimization of Flaring Tool Using OptiStruct

Emerson Innovation Center

Topology optimization of Engine mounting Bracket

Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering & Technology

Optimization of Front Axle Mounts Vibration Characteristics for Driveline Integration with Chassis

General Motors TCI

Design of a Light-Weight Mixed-Material Door through Structural Optimization

General Motors TCI

Multi Disciplinary Optimization of Passenger Car Hood Subsystem

General Motors TCI

CAE Simulation of a power liftgate subsystem for an SUV

General Motors TCI

Optimization for Engine Mounting Bracket

Hyundai Motor India Engineering

To study the dynamic behavior of engine assembly by using Altair OptiStruct

Larsen and Toubro Integrated Engineering Services

Vibration Reduction and Optimization of Wheel Arch Assembly

Mahindra Navistar

Design of the Occupant Protection System as Front loading at Vehicle Conceptual Development Stage using Hyper study along with MADYMO

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Design Of Integrated Multifunctional Module

Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd.

Weight Optimization of Front Axle Support by OptiStruct Technology applications

Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd.

Application of Optimization techniques in reducing weight of Engine mount

Maruti Suzuki

Design of Experiment, Optimization and Stochastic Analysis based on the Moving Least Squares Method to create a logical model - A case study of Altair HyperStudy

NIT, Agartala

A Hybrid Optimization Technique for Marine Structures

Newcastel University

Development of CAE process for evaluation of robustness of a design for crashworthiness

Tata Technologies

Frequency Optimization of Electronic Parking Brake bracket using OptiStruct

Tata Technologies Ltd.


Optimization of Intake Air Cleaner

Hyundai Motor India Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Thermal Analysis of Automotive Head Lamp Using CFD Analysis

Lumax Industries Ltd.

Steady State Thermal Analysis of Fog Lamp Using AcuSolve

Mobis India R&D Pvt. Ltd.

3d-CFD Steady State Port Flow Simulation Using AcuSolve

Mahindra 2 Wheelers Ltd.

Optimization of Automobile Air cleaner for effective filter area utilization using AcuSolve CFD

Mahindra 2 Wheelers Ltd.

External Aerodynamics of truck with roof fairing to reduce Drag force

Mahindra Navistar

Numerical Analysis of lubrication system using AcuSolve

TVS Motor Company

Muffler Pre-processing Methodology and Comparative Study Using HyperMesh

Sharda Motor Industries Ltd.

Compatibility and accuracy of mesh generation in Hypermesh for CFD simulation of Torque Converter

Valeo India Pvt. Ltd.



Process Template for Load Body Analysis

Ashok Leyland Technical Centre

Process automation for static analysis of truck chassis assembly

Ashok Leyland Technical Centre

Facilitation of 'symmetric result transfer' and convergence of a 'non-linear steady state' simulation of tire through scripting


CAE Process Automation of Seat Pull Analysis as per USNCAP 207/210 & 225 regulations

General Motors TCI

Integrated HyperWorks Automation of Side Intrusion Analysis for design and analysis engineer

General Motors TCI

Process automation tool to analyze the door static stiffness and strength

General Motors TCI

Process Automation for Spot Weld Fatigue Post Processing

General Motors TCI

Space aircraft Structure Mesh Development Automation Using HyperMesh


Structural Modeling And Meshing Of Blast Furnace Using Hypermesh And Tcl/Tk

Larsen & Toubro Construction

Automation for Material and Property Values in HyperMesh Using Tcl

Mobis India R&D Pvt. Ltd.

CAE Process Automation – Crash Simulation

Tata Motors Ltd.



FEA of Heavy Vehicle Bracket for an Excitation Load

Autoline Design Software Ltd.

Fatigue life correlation of axle beam - Radioss Fatigue

Ashok Leyland Technical Centre

Structural Analysis of the ship Unloader Using HyperMesh

FLSmidth Pvt. Ltd.

Study of dynamic stiffness CV mountings and the frame structure and the improvement of the same

Hyundai Motor India Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

3D Modeling and Stress Analysis of Pre-Molar Tooth using FEA

Infosys Ltd.

Vibration Analysis of Two Wheeler Handle-Bar Assembly

Mahindra 2 Wheelers Ltd.

Structural Durability Analysis of Passenger Car Exhaust System using FPM Approach in RADIOSS

Sharda Motor Industries Ltd.

Optimization of Design Based on Tip Radius and Tooth Width to Minimize the Stresses on the Spur Gear with FE Analysis

Sigma Consultancy Service


Emperial Eagle Mini UAV Impact Analysis

Aeronautical Development Establishment

Bus Rollover Simulation using Body Sections in RADIOSS

Ashok Leyland Technical Centre

Material Co-relation for the steering wheel using Radioss

Autoliv India Pvt. Ltd.

Virtual Design Development of a Steering System by Body block analysis

Defiance Technologies Ltd.

Enclosure Impact Analysis Using RADIOSS

Emerson Innovation Center

FEA for impact analysis on Sub-sea tree during Landing and Operation

FMC Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

A coupled fluid structure interaction simulation of automotive shock absorber using radioss block explicit solver

Gabriel India Ltd.

Simulation of Bullet Impact on Bullet Resistant Steel Plate

Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Study on crashworthiness of the Motorcycle Leg guard

Mahindra 2 Wheelers Ltd.

Rollover of Bus


Aluminum Bus Structure Joint Design Development

Hindalco Industries Ltd. (TimeTooth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

Drop test Simulation of Key FOB assembly using Altair RADIOSS

Valeo India Pvt. Ltd.

Explicit simulation of dampened Starter Motor system using RADIOSS

Valeo India Pvt. Ltd.

Rollover Analysis of Bus Body Structure as Per AIS 031/ECE R66

Volvo India Pvt. Ltd.

Study of Failure in Center Pivot Assembly of Casnub Bogie using FEA Techniques and Correlating the Results with actual. Further Extending Study to Recommend the Design Changes

Larsen and Toubro Integrated Engineering Services



Multi-Body Dynamic Transient Simulation for a Spray Mechanism

Infotech Enterprises Limited

Multi-Body Simulation of Earthmoving Equipment using MotionView/MotionSolve

Larsen and Toubro Integrated Engineering Services

Analysis of Drive System for Powder Compaction – A Flex Body Application in MBD Simulation

SciTech Centre



Cost Reduction on Input Material through Blank Optimization & Nesting by using Altair HyperForm

Asia MotorWorks Ltd.

Relevance of sheet metal forming simulation using Altair's HyperForm for Academics

MIT, Aurangabad

FLD Creation for SS304 Using Experiments & its Validation using HyperForm 11.0

Nirma University

A Study on Solid and Shell Modeling in Stamping Simulation

Valeo India Pvt. Ltd.

Forming Simulation of Front Hood of a Missile

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

Thermal Analysis of Friction Stir Welded joint of Age Hardenable AA 7075 using Altair's Hyper Weld FSW

MIT, Aurangabad



Using Reservations to Implement Fixed Duration Node Allotment with PBS Professional

Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur

PBS Professional Job Scheduler at TCS: Six Sigma- Level Delivery Process and Its Features

Tata Consultancy Services

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