Muffler Pre-Processing Methodology and Comparative Study

This paper summarizes the Pre-processing methodology of Exhaust system muffler using pre-processing tool HyperMesh for calculating transmission loss in the muffler. Also pre-processing methodology from CFD tool also explained. The advantages of using HyperMesh in reducing the pre-processing time are explained in this paper. The transmission loss for particular frequency range i.e. 50 -
1000 Hz from experimental test setup i.e. Impedance tube are correlated with simulation results from 3D simulation tool for the developed FE model from HyperMesh and CFD tool are compared and explained in detail in this study.

The Author

Dr. S. Rajadurai, Suresh Natarajan, N.Manikandan
Sharda Motor Industries Ltd.
Chennai, Tamilnadu

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