Compatibility and Accuracy of Mesh Generation in HyperMesh and CFD
Simulation with Acusolve for Torque Converter

Torque converter is mounted between the engine and the transmission system. It consists of main three parts – pump, turbine and stator that transfer the power to the transmission system from the engine. Pump is connected to engine shaft which is driven by engine and imparts the energy to fluid. Turbine is connected to transmission system through gear box. It intakes the energy from fluid and transfer power to wheels. Stator is key part in the torque converter which diverts the oil flow from turbine to pump without affecting the pump rotation. This gives high stall torque ratio which is required when vehicle is started to move.

The Author

Kathiresan M, Umamageswari A, Subramanian J
Valeo India Private Limited.
Chennai, Tamilnadu

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