Optimization of the One-piece Injection Molded Lower Bunk and Bulk Head

Reducing product design cycle time remains an important research and industrial goal. Also the cost and weight reduction are the main drivers to the success in the automotive industry. In the product life cycle, a CAE-based approach provides virtually tested and optimized design concepts to the design group and consequently leads to the significant reduction in the design cycle time. The lower bunk assembly is optimized consist of mainly two components as bunk panel and bulkhead.

The bunk panel and bulkhead are the components used in the cabin for resting and stepping purpose. The traditional design of the plywood bunk is replaced with the new one-piece injection molded bunk of plastic material. The bunk panel is optimized for the topography to find the rib pattern of the bunk. The material of the bulk head is kept same and it is optimized for the mass reduction.
Typically, the bunk assembly is analyzed for inertial, sitting and step loading condition considering the self weight of the assembly, mass of the mattress and occupant mass. This paper outlines the methodology used to reduce the design cycle time with optimization tool to provide the optimized design of the bunk and bulkhead. The scope of this work includes HyperWorks' topology and topography optimization to meet the required acceptance criteria.

The new optimized and virtually validated design is presented to design team for further development based on the manufacturing feasibility.

The Author

Sachin N. Mate, Jitendra L. Pawar, Rahul A. Velankar
Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd.

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