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2013 India Altair Technology Conference

Paper Presentations 2013

OPTIMISATION (OptiStruct/HyperStudy & sT Inspire)
Optimization of components of frame assemblies used across vehicle variants
Ashok Leyland
Tire Pitch Sequence Optimization using HyperStudy
CEAT Limited.
Tire Design and Development Application of HyperWorks Capabilities
CEAT Limited.
A-Pillar and B-Pillar Panels Weight Optimization With Single Disciplinary Optimization (SDO) For Impact Load Cases Using DOE Approach.
Chrysler Group LLC.
Combined Section and Gauge Optimization on Body In White Structure
Chrysler Group LLC.
Modal Continuity Development Process with the Help of Optimization Techniques.
Chrysler Group LLC
Suspension Links Weight Reduction Process using advanced Optimization Techniques
Chrysler Group LLC.
Knuckle development process with the help of Optimization Techniques
Chrysler Group LLC.
Optimal Design of Stiff Structures subjected to Body Forces
Optimal Design of Airframe Panel under Thermal Buckling
Defense Research and Development Laboratory
Structural Optimization of Drive Unit Bracket Using OptiStruct
Robust Design and Optimization of Decklid for Beavertail Stiffness
Topology Optimization of Alloy Wheel
Topology Optimization of RAT Assembly by the application of OptiStruct Tool
Infotech Enterprises Ltd.
Weight optimization of converter housing using Altair HyperStudy
Infotech Enterprises Ltd.
Introduction of Optimization Tools in BIW Design
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
DOE and Stochastic Study Analysis of a Battery Mounting Structures
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
Optimization of Check Chain Mounting Bracket Using Altair HyperWorks
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
Topology Optimization of Engine Structure of a Scooter Engine using OptiStruct
Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd.
Size Optimization of Jerrycan Weight Mounting Bracket Using OptiStruct
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
Optimization of Brake Components In Automobile
Interpretation of 3D Optimization Results with Best Design Variants
Multi-Disciplinary Topology Optimization of Automotive Engine Mounting Brackets Using OptiStruct
Renault Nissan Tech & Business Centre India Pvt Ltd., Chennai
Weight and Reliability based Topology Optimization of an Automotive Engine Balancing Shaft Module
Renault Nissan Tech & Business Centre India Pvt Ltd., Chennai
Wall Thickness Optimization for Centre Console Frame
Satyam Venture Engineering Services Pvt Ltd.
Finite Element Analysis of Stent Functional Performance Attributes Based on Parametric Optimization
Sahajanand Medical Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Effective Side Airbag Design (SAB) For Side Impacts Using HyperStudy
Tata Technologies Ltd.
Optimization An Effective Tool In Bonnet Design Cycle
Tata Technologies Ltd.
Finite Element analysis and Optimization of an Forklift Chassis
Voltas Material Handling Pvt. Ltd.
Frequency Optimization of IP (Instrumental panel) &MFD Bracket Using OptiStruct
Visteon Engg center India

Structural Analysis (Linear/ Non-Linear (OptiStruct)
Structural Analysis of Thrust Bearing Support Pad
Vibration Analysis of Terminal Tractor Mirror-Post
Cargotec Engineering India
Design Validation and Improvement Study of HVAC Plumbing Line Assembly under Random Loading Condition.
Chrysler Group LLC.
Robust Design and Validation of Swing doors for Aero Loading
Interior Noise Reduction of CAB using RADIOSS (implicit)
Mahindra Engineering
Static and Vibration Analysis of Engine Mounting Bracket of TMX 20-2 using OptiStruct
Tata Hitachi
Design Improvement of a Truck Chassis based on Thickness
Sigma Consultancy Service

Multi-Body Dynamics (MotionSolve, MotionView)
Simulation Based Conceptual Design of Separation Mechanism
Multi Body Dynamic Analysis of Slider Crank Mechanism to Study the effect of Cylinder Offset
Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd.
Design validation of Automotive HVAC module with airflow using HyperWorks
Subros Ltd.

High Performance Computing (PBS Works)
Optimal Utilization of High Performance Computing Resources and Workload Management Using PBS Professional
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
Effective Job Management with Help of Compute Manager at VECI
Visteon Engg. Center India
PBS Pro Queuing System and Compute Manager at GTEC-Whirlpool

Structural Analysis - Non-Linear (RADIOSS)
Correlation of Test Results for ECE R 29 Load Cases With CAE Simulation
Ashok Leyland Ltd.
Simulation of Impact between UTA (Umbilical Termination Assembly) & ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) using RADIOSS / Explicit Solver
FMC Technologies
A Nonlinear Contact Analysis of An Automotive Shock Absorber Shims Using Fluid Structure Interaction Technique
Gabriel India Limited.
Estimation of Individual Bite Force during Normal Occlusion using FEA
Infosys Limited.
Development of Integrated Shell And Nozzle Manufacturing Process Using Simulation
Larsen & Toubro
Simulation Time Reduction Using RADIOSS for Roof Crush Analysis Confirming To FMVSS216
Magna Steyr India Pvt Ltd.
Frontal Crash of Bus
Structural Evaluation of Ashcan Latch Mechanism
Tata Technologies Ltd.
Drop Test Simulation of Automobile Alternator using Altair RADIOSS

CFD (AcuSolve)
Underhood Flow Analysis of a LCV to Improve Cooling System Performance for better fuel Economy
Mahindra Trucks and Buses Ltd.
Thermal / CFD Analysis of Bus-bar Assembly
TE Connectivity

Manufacturing Simulation (HyperForm, HyperXtrude)
Innovative Concept of Correlating Roll Forming Process with Pressing Simulation by using Altair HyperWorks
AMW Auto Components Ltd.
Extrusion Simulation of Tire Components Using HyperXtrude
CEAT Limited.
Comparison of Various Forming Methods to Include Forming Pre-stresses in Crash Analysis
Tata Technologies Ltd.

Process Automation
(HyperWorks Process Manager, HyperMesh Macro's, HyperWorks Collabration & Simulation Cloud)
Process Time Reduction in Vehicle Suspension Modeling for Structural and MBD Analysis
Ashok Leyland Ltd.
Correlation of Test Results for ECE R 29 Load Cases with CAE Simulation
Ashok Leyland Ltd.
An Innovative Tool to Generate Single HyperView Session File for Creation of Several Bode Plots for an NVH Analysis
HyperMesh Customization for Definition of Line to Surface Contacts
CLAAS India Pvt Ltd.
Quality Improvement in HyperMesh Based Custom Tools by Regression Testing Automation
GE India Technology Centre
Effectively Managing CAE Data using HyperWorks Collaboration Tool
Infosys Limited.
Automation of Leaf Spring Finite Element Model
Tata Motors Ltd.
Process Automation of Loadbody Analysis
Tata Motors Ltd.
Automation of Structural & Thermal Analysis of Engine Head Block Assembly
Tata Motors Ltd.
Automation Of Full Vehicle Bolted Joints Definition
Tata Technologies Ltd.
Automation of Full Vehicle Connections Migration From NVH to Durability CAE Models
Tata Technologies Ltd.

Academia (HyperWorks for CAE / CFD)
Comparative Study For Resistance Of A Bulk Carrier Using CFD
IMU Visakhapatnam
Performance Analysis of Winglets Using CFD Simulation
Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT)
Structural and Dynamic Analysis of Delta Parallel Robot For Cardioapplications
KL University
Structural Analysis of the Drag Strut and Dynamic analysis of Aircraft Landing Gear
KL University
Design and optimization of a Delta Parallel Robot for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
KL University
Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Stephenson Six Bar Mechanism Using HyperWorks
Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur
FE Simulations of a Pelvic, Sacrum and Femur Bones Assembly with a Cemented Hip Prosthesis
NITTR, Bhopal
Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of I.C. Engine Piston Using RADIOSS and OptiStruct
SGGSIE&T, Nanded
Study of effect of temperature on Limiting Draw Ratio of Deep Drawing process using HyperForm
SGGSIE&T, Nanded
Simulation of Eye Injury Due to Blunt Body Impact
School of Bio-Science and Engineering, Jadavpur University
Optimization and Finite Element Analysis of Steering Knuckle
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune
Virtual Durability Testing Of Team Manipal Racing’s (TMR) Baja Vehicle
Altair Engineering India Pvt.Ltd.
Hotel Pune
154 Velachery Main Road Chennai, 600042 India

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