Join our workshops to learn how multibody simulation and system modeling tools can be used for understanding basic kinematic and dynamic behavior of systems, providing critical loads for inputs to FEA studies, co-simulation with 1D modeling tools, as well as DOE optimization. These hands-on workshops will allow you to engage and experience the tools firsthand and leave the event with basic training and know-how.

The workshops will include detailed technical demonstrators showcasing the following:

  • Inspire Motion

  • In this workshop, we will introduce the Inspire Motion interface and teach the basics of building a motion model for pre-processing. The workshop will also provide information on structural analysis for topology optimization using motion loads and migrating an Inspire Motion model into MotionView.

  • Vehicle Modeling

  • This MotionSolve/MotionView workshop will showcase a full vehicle assembly using Assembly Wizard and run simulations using the Task Wizard. After, we will review results using automated reports and explore how this can improve model performance through design studies.

  • Mathematical Modeling & Multi-disciplinary Simulation

  • This workshop will take you through an overview with hands-on tutorials of our matrix-based math solution, Compose. We will explore CAE/test data analysis with Compose and block diagram environment solutions with Activate. To end the session, we will have a hands on co-simulation lesson with Activate for MotionSolve.
Image Altair Headquarters
February 13, 2019