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    08:15 Registration
    09:00   Welcome to ATCx 2017
    Pavan Kumar - Managing Director, Altair
    Design the Difference
    Rajneesh Shinde - Marketing Director, Altair
    09:20   Continuing to Focus on Weight - Saving at Ford Australia
    Adam Smith - Asia Pacific VEME Manager, Ford Motor Company
    Composite Optimisation of a Solar Car
    Thomas Basset - Composite Engineer, Gurit APAC
    Fillet Weld Sizing to AS4100 Methodology using HyperWorks
    Peter MacLeod - Senior Engineer, CASG - Land Engineering Agency
    10:40   BREAK

    HIL vs SIL simulation - Lessons Learnt
    Danny Nowlan - Director, ChassisSim

    Motor Design with Flux
    Phillip Commins - Researcher, University of Wollongong

    HyperWorks for Marine
    Molly Heskitt - Senior Director Marine, Altair




    Rapid Integration of Optimal Rework Shapes for Aircraft Repair
    Xiaobo Yu - Maritime Division - DST
    Nick Hardman - Director - Skyfacture

    HyperWorks for Aerospace
    Shan Nageswaran - Senior Director Aero, Altair
    Utilising Advanced Composites in AEC
    David Thompson - Composite Engineer, ShapeShift
    14:40   BREAK

    CFD Simulations in Support of Synroc Technology
    Michael Saleh - Structural Materials Engineer, Nuclear Fuel Cycle at ANSTO

    HyperWorks - Roadmap
    Alex Quirk - Senior Application Engineer, Altair Australia
    solidThinking - What's New and What's Next
    Tony Gray - Director solidThinking, Altair
    Supporting Local Business
    Joel Kennedy - VicHyper
    David Purser - AMAERO
    Ken King - Freedom Drones
    James Woolcock - Bastion Cycles
    17:00   Panel Discussion
    17:30   Networking Session


    E L E C T R O - M A G N E T I C S


    13:10 Introduction to EM Track
    Mahan Rudd - EM Application Engineer, Altair Australia
    Radiation Hazard & Antenna Array Modeling
    Ashley Bocking - EM Engineer, BAE Systems
    Stepped Wave Technique for Array Analysis
    Reuben Shar - EW Systems Engineer , Thales
    RadHaz in Telecommunication Industry
    Dr. Steve Iskra - Principal Domain Expert, Telstra


    15:10 FEKO - Recent improvements and future Roadmap
    Johan Huysamen - Senior Tech Specialist, Altair
    Stochastic Geometry for Automotive Radars
    Dr. Akram Hourani - Lecturer, RMIT

    Land Vehicle RADHAZ/Antenna Modeling
    Joshua Ebenezer - Engineer, CASG - Land Engineering Agency

    17:30 Networking Session


    * To be confirmed & agenda subject to changes.

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